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First Visit

We recommend that your child visit the dentist when the first tooth is visible which is around 6 month old, and no later than age 1.

You have the ability to positively influence your child and encourage an enjoyable first visit to the dentist. You can tell your child about the visit, and let them know that the dentist and their stall will explain everything and answer any questions. Be aware of how you are communicating, and avoid using threatening language, such as "needle", "shot", "drill", or "pull."

At our office, we prefer to use language that is less threatening, and will not unnecessarily scare your child. Examples include, "Mr. Thirsty", and "noisy whistle."

You are welcome to stay with your child during the visits. We accept anyone from 6 month old.

Baby teeth 's cavities, why try to fix them?

Many parents are surprised to learn that their child has tooth cavities and need restoration treatment.  There are several reasons to fix baby teeth. Every child 's smile affects their sense of self esteem and confidence in life. Baby teeth help maintain proper nutrition with proper chewing and with the development of speech.Beside, baby teeth help guide proper eruption of permanent teeth. Untreated baby teeth can affect the development of permanent teeth. Untreated baby teeth can result in a child with severe pain and possibly developing an abscess.

It is just a baby tooth, it will fall out anyway, right? Can you just pull it?

Baby teeth, beside needed for chewing and speech, also serve a very important purpose: to save space for the eruption of permanent teeth. For normal dental development, all baby teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. If a baby tooth is lost before a permanent tooth is ready to erupt, adjacent teeth will drift and tip into the empty space. This will block out the normal eruption path of the permanent tooth causing crowding or impacted permanent tooth.

If a baby tooth has cavities, we recommend filling to prevent spreading of the decay. If the cavity is too large and the tooth cannot be restored with a filling, we may recommend capping the baby tooth with a stainless steel crown for a long lasting result, until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt.

When the decay spreads to the center of the tooth where the nerve and blood vessel lie, a pulpotomy procedure may be recommended to remove the decay and nerve. If the infection spreads to the bone and causes an abscess, the baby tooth will need to be extracted. Soon after the extraction, a space maintainer should be fabricated to fit the extracted tooth space which prevent the adjacent teeth from drifting and tipping into the space. A space maintainer is a custom fitted appliance and stays in the child's mouth until the permanent tooth starts to erupt.

Payment mothods

We accept   most of  PPO insurances, TX MEDICAID, TX CHIP.

TX MEDICAID requires you to choose  a Dental Office and a Main Dentist for your children. For Medicaid and CHIP, we accept DENTAQUEST   and MCNA plans.

We accapt cash and major credit cards.

Payment plans or Financing is available through Carecredit. Please visit carecredit website for more information and appliaction or we can help you fill out application at our office.