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Dental implant: a true mean to replace missing teeth

Missing teeth can hinder a person's self-confidence, and also their ability to eat and speak. Spaces / Gaps from missing teeth in the mouth can also affect the structure and positions of other teeth. Teeth drifting out and tilting over the missing teeth area can potentially create other dental issues. Dental implants and restorations permanently replace missing teeth in which dental implants are the equivalent of the root of a tooth.  Dental implants can be used to anchor one tooth or multiple teeth to the bone. Not only dental implants restore back the look and function of your natural teeth, they also help to preserve your jawbone from shrinking when the root structure of natural teeth is missing.

We recommend dental implants to our dental patients who are missing teeth or will soon be missing teeth due to issues that cannot be corrected with root canals.

Being the true solution for missing teeth, dental implants are changing the lives of many people every day.

Dental implant - restoration components

Restoring a single missing tooth involving dental implant basically consists of three components:

  1. Dental implant: placed in the bone of your jaw at the site of missing tooth. 
  2. Abutment: attached to the top of the implant and support the crown. 
  3. Crown: molded to look like your natural tooth and restores back the function of your natural tooth. 

The dental implant process

Upon examination, the dentists will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, a solution to replace missing teeth. Some patients may not have good quality and quantity of jaw bone to support dental implant(s). In such cases, alternative solution will be recommended, such as dental bridges or removable dentures. If you are a potential candidate for dental implants, we will go over the process with you.


At the first visit, digital x-rays and a clinical evaluation will take place. During this visit, the explanation of the case diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed. Patient will be referred out to an associated Imaging Center for 3-D scan. 


The extraction, bone graft (if necessary) and placement of the dental implant take place. Patients typically resume a full schedule of activities within 24 hours unless instructed by doctors otherwise.  Followup visits are 2 and 12 weeks after surgery.


When the implant has fully integrated with your jaw bone (approximately 4-6 months later), the implant is exposed for abutment placement and impression taking. Patient will need to return for definitive crown seating. This phase may take 2-3 visits.

Dental implant-replacing single missing tooth

dental implant

This patient lost an upper front tooth.  A dental implant was placed and required 6 months for healing. After proper healing period, the implant was uncovered and additional healing time for soft tissue forming around the neck of the implant may be needed. In this image, a custom made zirconia abutment was connected to the dental implant to provide support for definitive crown restoration.

crown restoration for dental implant

Porcelain crown was cemented onto implant abutment as definitive crown restoration.

Dental implants-replacing  multiple individual missing teeth

dental implants replace individual missing teeth

Patient lost 2 premolars teeth . Since there are enough bone quality and quality. 2 dental implants were placed and left for 6 months to heal. In this picture,the implants were exposed and healing abutments were placed for soft tissue healing around.

2 custom abutments were placed to restore individual implants

implant crowns restoration

dental implant restoration

Definitive crown restoration were cemented on the custom abutments.

Dental implant - replacing multiple missing teeth

missing teeth area will be restored by dental implant and dental bridge

Patient lost a bridge due to dental decay of the supporting tooth. A dental implant was placed to replace the extracted tooth root and left for healing for a period of 6 months.

custom titanium abutment was connected on to a dental  implant

After proper healing period, the implant was exposed and an abutment was connected to the implant. In this image, a titanium abutment was attached on top of the implant to give support to the dental bridge.

dental bridge restoration for missing teeth

Definitive crown/ bridge restoration was cemented on natural tooth and implant abutment.

In this case , the patient lost a dental  bridge due to decayed . An implant was placed and left to heal for 6 months.

A 3 unit bridge was fabricated using an implant and a natural tooth for  support

Dental implants - replacing multiple missing teeth

Patient lost multiple teeth due to decays.

4 dental implants were placed and left  to heal for 6 months.

In this picture, 4 custom titanium abutment were fitted into implants.

dental implant

multiple dental implants' restoration

Definitive crown/ bridge restoration was cemented on implant abutments