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PHASE 2 ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT-Full braces-typical ages 12-14

In Phase 2, or full braces, the doctor will evaluate how the jaws fit and work together. The teeth will be straightened and the bite will be properly aligned. Phase 1 may reduce the time needed for full braces, depending on the case.

We recommend full orthodontic treatment to children when all permanent teeth erupt. Some children have full permanent dentition as early as age 9, which often happens in girls. We recommend starting orthodontic treatment earlier for girls while they are in growing stage.

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Why braces?

Braces have become  essential parts of healthy dental hygiene. Braces ensure the well alignment of teeth. Crooked teeth often cause problem with chewing and cleaning teeth.  Plague build up around hard-to-reach crooked teeth can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Crooked teeth cause shifting in chewing patterns resulting in undue stress on other teeth and restoration. This stress can cause break down teeth and restorations resulting recurrent decays. Aligning crooked teeth into rounded dental arch help to even out the chewing force throughout the jaw.

When teeth are straightened and correctly aligned, it can improve speech as well as improve your personal confidence. Never shy away from business or personal settings again.

Orthodontic appliances


Brackets : in our office, we use metal brackets to bond to tooth surfaces.  Wires and elastics are attached  to the brackets to straighten teeth.

Expansion appliances: these are plastic or metal appliances worn inside the mouth. In our practice, we cement these appliances onto teeth. When activated, this appliance exerts force to teeth and expands the dental arch. These appliances are often prescribed for non extraction orthodontic treatment cases.

Retainers: Retainers are mouth pieces worn inside the mouth to maintain teeth position after orthodontic treatment. In our office, we routinely prescribe removable retainers to patient after Phase II orthodontic treatment.

Treatment  typically  ranges from 12 to 36 months. Factors that affect the length of the treatment include age, cooperation level, and growth occurrence of the patient. The complexity of the case also impacts the treatment time.


We try to provide a price range for your convenience. The actual cost will be provided after the evaluation by  the dentists.

For active orthodontic treatment,

Cases need minimal correction, mild crowding, mild misalignment: $1500-$2240

Cases need moderate correction  : $2240-$2960

Cases need moderate to  extensive correction : moderate crowding, misalignment, deep bite, do Not need extractions, however,,may need arch development with appliances to relieve crowding: $2960-$3680

Cases need extensive correction: moderate to severe or severe  crowding, deep bite, over bite, under bite, need extraction and/ or aches development with appliances to relieve crowding: $3680-$4400

We do not provide orthodontic treatment to adults  from 18 years and abover.