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Oral Exams

We recommend seeing the dentists twice a year for your routine dental checkup, along with a dental cleaning. These dental exams ensure that we catch any issues early and address them before they become critical. If we identify any problems with your teeth or gum, we will inform you of the findings and discuss the treatment options for your need.

Dental Cleaning

Daily brushing and flossing are great ways to protect your teeth from decay and gum diseases. However, scheduling a dental checkup can ensure you are on tract to maintain a good oral health.

Deep Cleaning

Gum disease is treated using scaling and root planing, or deep cleaning procedures. This treatment is used to reduce signs and symptoms of gum disease such as bleeding gum, bad breath, gum pain, and prevents gum disease from getting worse. These are non-surgical treatment and used to remove calculus buildup around teeth which houses bacteria. Scaling and root planing are very effective treatment method to stop infection from developing in deep pockets within the gum.

Infection Control

Patient safety is very important to us. We have a strict dental standard for sterilization and cleanliness. Staff is required to wear glove, masks, and face shields during treating patients. Reusable equipment is sterilized after each use.