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Tooth color fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are durable solutions that can restore the overall look of your fillings. The Composite resin material used to create tooth-colored filling is strong and safe for all ages.

pits and fissures decay on tooth surfaces

tooth color fillings

CASE 1: Dark spots on pits and grooves on surfaces of teeth are forms of tooth decay. We offer services to remove tooth decay and restore the tooth back with filling that matches your current tooth color.

Cost : $80-$180 / filling



tooth cavities on the side surface of the tooth

tooth color filling for cavities

CASE 2 : Teeth with cavities on the outer surfaces. We offer services to clean out the cavities and restore the tooth back with filling that matches your current tooth color.



tooth color fillings to replace old metal resoration

tooth color filling

CASE 3 : Use tooth matching-color filling to replace old metal filling



tooth decayed, cavities

fillings for cavities

CASE 4: Upper front teeth with cavities between the teeth. We offer services to clean out the cavities and restore the tooth back with filling that matches your current tooth color.

Cost: $ 80-$ 180 / filling



Tooth bonding

If you have a chipped, slightly misaligned or otherwise imperfect tooth that the needs cosmetic restoration, we may suggest tooth bonding which can be done in one appointment. The process includes applying the composite resin, matching shade to blend with your tooth. A curing light is used to harden the composite resin, then the restoration is polished. In just one appointment, you can enjoy a beautiful new smile. However, you need to schedule a consultation with the dentist first to see if bonding work for your tooth condition. A chipped tooth usually is caused by a forced impact or tooth decay underneath which may incur other dental problems such as visible/ invisible fracture lines or dental infection.

chipped front tooth

bonding to fix chipped front tooth

CASE 5 :chipped upper front tooth with rough edges.

A simple tooth color bonding and smoothing out of rough edges can restore back a beautiful smile. The treatment can be done within 1 hour.



Fixing 1 chipped tooth corner with bonding costs approximately $150

Gap between teeth

tooth color bonding to close space between teeht

CASE 7 : Large gap exists between 2 front teeth.

To close the gap, the bondings have to be done on both teeth. The bonding on side edges of teeth will close half of the space, so they will have the same size. Closing each gap involves 2 bondings.

We will not fix tiny center gap with less than 0.5 mm width

Cost: $150-$180 / bonding

Closing each gap between teeth with bonding costs approximately $300

bonding to fill up spaces between teeth

bonding on canines and central incisors to close gaps between teeth

CASE 8:congenital missing lateral incisors, leaving large spaces between teeth,

Bonding with composite resin to entire tooth surface can close spaces, change the shape of canines to more appealing shape of missing lateral incisors.

Cost: $300 / bonding.



space between teeth, small lateral incisors

bonding to close space between teeth, bonding to change shape of teeth

CASE 9 :space between upper front teeth, the side teeth are smaller than normal. Bonding can help to close gaps, add body to the smaller teeth to change shape and even color of the tooth.



Bonding on 1 small lateral incisor in this case costs approximately $300

Large gap between teeth , gum receding with root eroding

tooth color filling/ bonding to close space between teeth, gum receding, root abfraction

CASE 10 large gap between 2 center front teeth and root abfraction. We use tooth filling/ bonding technique to close large gap between teeth, cover tooth root exposed from abrasion and gum receding. In this case, 7 teeth were treated with bondings/ fillings.

Cost:$100-$380 / filling or bonding

Extra tooth

CASE 11:

Top image:A small extra tooth on upper front arch create crowding appearance and misalignment of teeth.

Second image: Removal of the extra tooth create large gap and rotated tooth.

Third image: Bonding to close gap between teeth and recreate the contour alignment of the arch.

Bottom image: crown restoration of upper two middle front teeth

removal of extra tooth

bonding to close gap between front teeth, also change shape of teeth

crown restoration of 2 front teeth

Labial composite resin veneers/ bondings

Case 12:  dark teeth from tetracycline stain or genetic,

These stains/ discoloration come from inside of the tooth. Teeth bleaching will not be able to remove these stains Labial composite veneers can mask the discoloration with lighter tooth color. The procedure usually does not require removal of any tooth structure and can be done in one appointment.

Cost : $ 380/bonding

Making teeth look more aesthetic with crown lengthening to recontour gum line and changing tooth shape with bondings

crown lengthening and tooth bonding

Case 13: the 2 lateral incisors have been missing, leaving small side gaps, gum line is not well defined. Additionally, when biting down, the front teeth locked into a slight criss cross position (image 1 and image 2)

Image 3: crown lengthening procedure has been performed to recontour gum line and make teeth appear longer

Image 4: bonding procedure has been done on 4 front teeth to close gaps and reshape the canines into lateral incisors. Edges of teeth has been adjusted to take out off criss cross position for better function.

Image 4 and 5: final result: very appealing smile!

For additional information about crown lengthening procedure, please look for the page " crown lengthening".


bonding for closing gap